About Melissa

Melissa offers a unique blend of skills and knowledge to the field of instructional design. Beginning with one-part teacher combined with two-parts writer, then stir in a wide range of technology, art, writing and design and problem solving skills, then finish with a glaze of assessment and accountability.


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As a  passionate advocate of learning design and technology, Melissa is a strong advocate of online and digital learning.  This method of learning delivery has made an education possible for many students who were not able to fit traditional classroom learning into their busy lives.


Online learning changed Melissa's life, and she  is thrilled to be able to make the dreams of others come true through the use of this technology. She is adept in performing needs assessments, curriculum, course, training, assessment design, and is highly skilled in graphic design, writing and editing, and audio and video editing.


Melissa is a resident of Jamestown, New York. She earned an MS in Instructional Design Technology and undergraduate degrees in Communications and Graphic Design.


You can view Melissa's Resume and Teaching and Learning Statement and Philosophy  by clicking the text in the speech bubbles below.

Computer screen with woman sitting crosslegged and a laptop on her lap and thought bubble above hr head that have the text Instructional Statement, Resume, and Instructional Vision.


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