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Hello, welcome to my website!


I'm Melissa Miraglia, and my adventure to learn Instructional design has been fascinating!


Since beginning my journey within this field, my dedication and motivation to work have led me into learning magical tricks for projects and learning experiences!


I invite you to explore my portfolio which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work, and inspired personal projects.


Continue scrolling down if you’d like to learn more!

With the Right Solution, Magic Can Happen!

What is Instructional Design?

Have fun! Go ahead - click the screen below to learn more!

What I Do

Instructional Designers and eLearning designers can be like learning technology magicians!

I do all of the things you see here in the infographic. Because I love instructional design, I do all of it with expertise and a big dose of passion!


See some of my portfolio work here


MS in Instructional Design Technology, Southern New Hampshire University, 2017

BA in Communication, Southern New Hampshire University, 2013

AAB in Communication Design (Graphic Design) 2002

My Tools

These are my tools.

There's no magic wand here, but when technology is used skillfully in effective, relevant digital learning, it can feel like magic!

Get Ready to Improve Your Employee Training With My Instructional Design and eLearning  Solutions

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